Juniper Valley may be a unique tourist destination for its strange urban legends, but David Andrews isn’t ready to return. His estranged acquaintance, Carol Jensen, isn’t ready to leave. Both are in danger of their ‘desolate winds’: dark, deep emotions that swirl inside before blasting with turbulence; forming a cyclone of pain until forever entrapped in the eye of one's storm.

When the truth behind one of their town's greatest mysteries is discovered, they are propelled to different versions of the place they knew, the people they knew, and even themselves. A frantic adventure ensues; jettisoning them uncontrollably across the multiverse.

Frightening creatures, treacherous landscapes, and dark experiments will not be their toughest challenges. Their very own ‘desolate winds’ must be overcome in order to journey through a distant place known only as... the invertiverse.


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