A frantic journey through the multiverse awaits two estranged townspeople after revealing a deep secret behind their local legends.


Same Time. Same Place. Different Universe.





David Andrews had always been obsessed with his town's urban legends. Stories of a mysterious box that made people disappear; a vicious tree that attacked in the night; and a monster that hunted its victim down a deserted road. David's thirst to find the origins of such stories led to the dramatic death of his closest companion; an accident forever altering his life.

Years later, an unexpected event finally reveals a deep secret connecting the legends. The discovery jettisons David and an estranged former classmate into a frantic adventure across the multiverse.

Frightening creatures, dangerous technologies, and treacherous landscapes won't be their toughest challenges: grief of the past returns in unexpected ways that will haunt them right to their core.

Their ultimate darkness must be overcome in order to journey through a distant, desolate place known only as... the invertiverse.



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