The truth behind an urban legend sends an unlikely pair on an adventure across the multiverse to confront their dark histories.


Same Time. Same Place. Different Universe.




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David Andrews had always been obsessed with his town's strange urban legends, until he tragically became part of one. His closest companion now gone forever, with feelings and questions left unexpressed.

Many years later, David returns to where it all happened. Deep emotions boil over from the past, but not just for him. A troubled adversary, Carol Jensen, becomes unexpectedly involved in his return. Together, they discover the truth behind one of their town's greatest mysteries that sends them into a frantic journey across the multiverse.

Their toughest challenges aren't only in the forms of vicious monsters or treacherous landscapes. Grief manifests in unexpected ways that will haunt them right to their core.

There's also a chance that long-buried emotions can finally be unearthed... but only if they see past the darkness within.

All must be overcome in order to journey through a distant, desolate place known only as... the invertiverse.



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