A frantic journey across the multiverse awaits a dysfunctional duo as they uncover secrets of the past while facing their darkest histories.


Same Time. Same Place. Different Universe.





David Andrews had always been obsessed with his town's urban legends. Tales of mysterious boxes that made people disappear, vicious trees that attacked in the night, and monsters that chased victims down deserted roads. In his youth, it was an obsession turned tragedy for his closest companion; an accident forever altering his life.

Many years later, David unexpectedly reveals the truth behind one of his town's greatest mysteries. The discovery forces him, and the estranged Carol Jensen, into a frantic journey across the multiverse. Their travels reveal more about the old legends than they could have possibly fathomed.

The toughest challenges they face aren't only in the form of vicious monsters or treacherous landscapes. Grief of the past returns in unexpected ways that haunts them right to their core.

Their ultimate darkness must be overcome in order to journey through a distant, desolate place known only as... the invertiverse.



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