Illustrations were commissioned for the story to enhance and further dramatize the epic scope of the adventure. Various artists were up to the challenge to bring the novel's array of creatures, environments, and machines to life. From talented students to esteemed professionals, their work makes INVERTIVERSE a fully-realized production.

While this section is still under construction, above is a preview detailing the creation of a piece made by CHARLIE CHIODO. He is most well-known for his work on the cult classic films KILLER KLOWNS FROM OUTER SPACE, TEAM AMERICA: WORLD POLICE and the CRITTERS series. However, he is also known for work on television productions such as the '90s incarnation of LAND OF THE LOST and other dinosaur-related programs from the '80s. His love of dinosaurs is now on full display once again in this commissioned piece made possible through Dino Gallery.

Please check back to this page when the novel is released to discover more about the artwork created.

PygmyPet Raptor