Juniper Valley may have been a popular tourist destination for its strange urban legends, but David Andrews wasn't ready to return. It was also not a place Carol Jensen felt ready to leave just yet. Haunted by their pasts and agitated by their present, both felt trapped in their bleak lives.

When the two estranged people reunite, an incident occurs that uncovers the truth behind one of their town's greatest mysteries. Before long, they begin to experience different versions of the place they knew, the people they knew, and even themselves. A frantic adventure ensues; jettisoning them uncontrollably across the multiverse.

Their only hope of return is to discover what choices must be made to survive their journey through a desolate place known only as... the invertiverse.


INVERTIVERSE is still in development. The first draft was completed late 2016, then took a year hiatus to gather up notes and ideas for a revision. This new revision has been outlined, and is already underway. The goal is to get it finished by the end of this year, and have it released next year, 2019. With the illustrations and the orchestral original soundtrack that will be included, I hope the experience will be worth the wait.

Please continue to check the main page, or the social media pages, for the latest updates.

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