Invertiverse strives to be an immersive and thrilling story. One of the ways I wanted to be unique in the crowd of science fiction adventures was to feature the rare inclusion of a thematic orchestral score. Featuring over two hours of music, the score to the novel is a perfect way to experience the thrills, emotion, mystery, and suspense; all without turning a single page. Some of the music is even referenced in the story itself, making it a completely complimentary experience.

While the album is almost completed, it is currently NOT available.

However, the video above introduces one of the many cues of the score "Universal Horror". Co-composer and orchestrator Marcos Kaiser details how the track was made in collaboration with the author and lead composer himself, Derrick Davis. The track then plays in full.

There is much more to be revealed upon release of the novel itself, and from other co-composer/orchestrators!